Weekly Lesson Handouts

These are some of the lesson documents handed out at our local weekly meetings. Our format was to start with a meditation session (10 minutes) followed by a lesson on some Buddhist subject, have a question and answer period and then close with another meditation session.

NOTE: These links will open as MS Word documents.

Karma In Secular Buddhism

Meaning, Purpose And Buddhism

Hindrances and enemies

Nothing Happens Next

Longing For Certainty

Learning Buddhism

The Eightfold Path


Right View

Right Effort

Right Concentration

1 Right Mindfulness

2 Right Mindfulness

3 Right Mindfulness

Mindfulness Of Thoughts

Mindfulness Of Emotions

Mindfulness of the Body

Right Intention – Compassion

Right Intention – Renunciation

Right Intention – LovingKindness

Ethical Conduct

Seven Factors Of Enlightenment

Suggested Reading List


Posted June 8, 2010 by Rick Bateman